Moose 0.70

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Zeitgleich mit dem Update vom SqueezeCenter auf Version 7.3.1 hat der Entwickler Dr. Lovegroove seinen Slimserver-Frontend Moose auf Version 0.70 aktualisiert.

Die Neuerungen umfassen primär Verbesserungen beim Partymode und im Touchscreen Mode. Für den Alltagsnutzer merkbarer dürften die Verbesserungen in der Tree-Struktur sein sowie der Drag/Drop-Support bei der Playlist.

Im Detail:

  • Playlist - Dragged of items from library windows can now be inserted into the now playing playlist and visual feedback is given for the insert position
  • Tree - Radios/Music Services are now supported in a more generic way, which means any new ones the server throws at moose should be usable
  • Tree - Support added for Radios/Music Services icons specified by service rather than moose
  • Tree - Some accented characters were mis-behaving in the tree window with the latest server builds. This is now fixed.
  • Cover chooser - In touchscreen mode, both right clicking, and double-slow-left clicking brings up teh context menu
  • PartyMode - New PartyMode tab in options window with various party-mode specific settings (remove menus, try to limit damage users can perform)
  • PartyMode - Extended support to all library windows. Should be much more usable now
  • PartyMode - Key shortcut for toggling PartyMode added as <CTRL><SHIFT><P> (focus may need to be on the now playing window for this to work)

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